Topic 7 Critical reflection in clinical practice

  • In this unit you have been guided through a reflection process according to well known pedagogical theories in higher education. For instance, you have used parts of Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning.
  • The simulation example above introduced a learning activity in which the theories of health communcation might be successfully implemented in practice.
  • Behavioral change in families related to more healthy nutrition is a public health challenge. By using theory about health literacy, empowerment and a holistic approach (the Bio-Psycho-Social Model) you can improve and ensure healthy outcomes for children and families in your counseling.

Figure: Kolb’s experimental learning cycle (1984)

Source: unknown author lisenced under CC BY-SA

Source: Unknown author. Licenced under CC BY.

To learn more about how to reflect in an effective manner in your own practice, see this video about Kolb’s experimental learning cycle:

Reflection and Kolb’s Cycle by John Gaspar, University of Technology, Sydney.