Topic 7 Alcohol

  • Not essential for our body
  • Provides 7 calories per gram and no nutrients
  • Mainly disposed of by the liver (80%); the remainder is eliminated through the lungs, urine and sweat.


  • “Alcoholic degree” corresponds to the volume of ethyl alcohol present in 100 ml of beverage.
  • To transform the alcohol content into grams of alcohol multiply it by 0.79 (alcohol density value).
  • Alcohol is a toxic and carcinogenic substance; it can induce addiction and dependence.

There is no alcohol consumption free from health risks!

  • The health risks increase with the amount consumed and chronic alcohol consumption can cause a variety of damage to various systems (nervous, digestive, cardiovascular).
  • The amount of alcohol consumption compatible with a “low risk” is summarized in a 2-1-0:
    • up to 2 alcoholic units per day if you are a grown man;
    • up to 1 alcohol unit per day if you are a woman or a person over 65;
    • 0 alcohol under 18 years old.

Source: Pixabay