Topic 4 Scenarios

  • In the next videos you will see a demonstration of a simulated case with two different approaches.
  • Thomas 6 years old has an appointment to a pediatric clinic. The parents are worried whether their son’s unbalanced diet has, or contribute to, negative health consequences.
  • Background: Thomas is the youngest of three siblings. About a year ago Thomas started school and his mother returned to work. Mother had previously sole responsibility for buying food, snack and preparing family meals. Father Adam has now reluctantly taken over that responsibility as he is currently working from home. Cooking is not his strength, he therefore often orders fast-food, and he does not always make healthy food choices when preparing family meals. Thomas has acquired the habit of deciding when and what he wants to eat, and Adam adapts to Thomas` preferences when shopping groceries. Mother has always strived to offer a varied and nutritious diet to the whole family. She is upset that her husband does not take the responsibility of the family’s and especially Thomas’ nutritional needs seriously. She is concerned that Thomas’ unbalanced diet has, or can contribute to, negative health consequences. The level of conflict between the parents has escalated, where the mother accuses the father of not caring at all about the problem, and the father feels overwhelmed. Mother has booked an appointment with a pediatrician for Adam and Thomas; Mother is busy at work that day. She hopes her husband will gain necessary insight and further secure Thomas a nutritious and varied diet. Before the appointment Thomas’ weight and height is recorded, and it turns out that the BMI (Body Mass Index) is high and close to overweight. Blood sample is collected, and Adam meets the pediatrician for more information about the tests while Thomas plays in the waiting room.

Source: Pexels