Topic 3 The Importance of Role Modeling In Increasing Physical Activity In Children

Parents play a very important role in the development of their children’s lifestyle and health behaviors. Studies show that the children of physically active parents both eat healthier and do more regular physical activity. Parental behavior is one of the strongest determinants of children being physically active. In this context, it should not be forgotten that not only parents but also teachers are important role models for children.

In this perspective, it is very important for the parents and the elders around them to be role models for the child. However, it should not be forgotten that just being a role model is not enough. At the same time, a supportive and motivating relationship should be established between parents and children regarding being physically active.

What Do You Think Physical Activity Is?

Can it be the answer ……

    • Sport ???
    • Fun ???
    • Cardio ???
    • Just to move ???