Topic 3 Eating Mindfully not mindlessly

Eating mindlessly happens when one is not paying attention to how hungry they are, how much they’re eating, or why they’re eating. This usually goes along with overeating or eating foods that are less healthy than one would pick when paying close attention. To be mindful, or practice mindfulness, means one is focusing on the present moment and accepting without judgment the bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings they experience in that moment. Mindful eating, or using mindfulness while eating, occurs when one uses all of their senses to appreciate the food they are eating and pays attention to their hunger and satiety cues. Practicing mindful eating can help one to enjoy food more fully while also helping with weight management.

  • See the handout, Eating Mindfully, Not Mindlessly, for more tips on how to engage in mindful eating and avoid eating mindlessly.

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