Topic 2 Verbal communication approaches

  • Verbal communication rely on healthcare providers ability to give clear history, ask/answer questions and how the patients understand instructions, and understand terms.
  • A shame free environment helps to improve the communication between the patient and the health professional.
  • It is recommended for health professionals not have more than 2-3 consepts up for discussion.
  • Consepts up for discussion could be grossery shopping, reducing sugar intake, how to be more active, limiting sitting time, how to eat more vegetables, the plate model, general well-being and home/kindergarden/school environment.

Recommendations for communication:

  • Listen carefully (listen more-speak less).
  • Establish eye-contact.
  • Use plain, non-medical language.
  • Use the patients words.
  • Slow down.
  • Limit and repeat content.
  • Encourage questions.
  • Be specific and concrete.
  • Address the patient’s concerns.
  • Speak in pictures, show graphics.
  • Demonstrate how it is done.

Source: Pexels