Topic 1 Introduction 

WHO remarks that overweight and obesity are an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that is risky for health, and the cause is the imbalance between consumed and taken calories. Obesity may have many reasons like genetics, dietary habits, physical activity status. Nutrition is quite crucial for health. A healthy diet makes a healthy life possible. And a healthy diet should consist of consuming foods in the right amount, at the right time, with the proper cooking methods. By introducing redundant energy to the body, the excess energy in stored into fat. on the other hand, intaking less energy than required may disrupt physiological functioning, causing growth and developmental delay for children. In order to avoid these situations, daily energy requirements should be known and diet should be planned accordingly

People’s daily energy requirements vary depending on various factors such as age, gender, amount and frequency of daily activity, and state of sickness. As well as energy amount, the food group from which energy gets intaken is also critical. The body needs several molecules to maintain its physiological functioning. Because these molecules exist in different food groups, food consumed daily should diversify to meet the energy required.