Games and Activities with Parents

The role of parents towards their children in terms of physical activity and healthy nutrition is one of the most important determinants of their quality of life.

To be an exemplary role model in the fight against obesity, parents can take charge of their children’s health through imaginative games and activities developed as part of the project.


  • Parents and children can write any fruit or vegetable word together in order; they can play the game “Word-fruit” by writing a fruit or vegetable word again with the last letter of the written word, and so on.
  • They can play the “Health in Words and Letters” game by deriving any healthy food word from the alphabet.
  • Parents can have their children play with images of healthy foods such as banana slides, basketball balls that resemble oranges, or basketball nets that resemble a grape so they can engage in physical activity at home while raising awareness about healthy foods.
  • In this way, they can be a positive role model for their children by ensuring that they are physically active in addition to eating a healthy diet to lead a healthy life.
  • The Colors of Health” game, developed for younger children, can help them identify and learn about healthy foods and colors.
  • Parents can perform the short theater play called “What’s wrong with Fat Tom?” to help them have fun at home while raising awareness about obesity.
  • In addition, this play can be performed in school with the Carrot costume for the role of the carrot, pepper costume for the role of Pepper, the hamburger costume for the role of the Tom, and the hamburger vendor employee costume for the role of the Burger, visually raising awareness.
  • Parents can play the card game “Vegetable-Burger” with their children to have a pleasant time and understand the importance of healthy food.
  • The combination of puzzle pieces to be designed for the “Ugly Teddy” puzzle game, which includes a picture of a child with a fat, short, bald, ugly, etc. figure of unhealthy content eating chips, can be a good experience for children to emphasize the physical harm of unhealthy foods on this topic.
  • Another puzzle game, “Healthy Organs, Strong Human” which will be developed as part of the project, can be a fun activity for parents and children to play together to raise awareness about healthy eating by visually conveying the benefits of healthy foods to the relevant organs.
  • The “Healing Cards” game can be another alternative for parents and children when it comes to healthy eating that is both educational and entertaining.
  • The game “HIGHWAY to Healthis an example of an entertaining and educational game to understand the significance of the differences between healthy and unhealthy behaviors.


Parents can raise awareness with anti-obesity activities and practices, in addition to imaginative content games, to keep their children and society healthy.

  • Parents can sing poems or songs about being healthy with their children. The poem titled “Health Above All” answers the question of how important it is to be healthy and what can be done to be healthy. It can also be a useful example for parents and their children to have a pleasant time while singing this poem.

Question 2. What is the emoji in the image ?

A) Angry face
B) Sad face
C) Confused face
D) Smiley face
  • Visual awareness can be created by drawing emojis with human faces on healthy and unhealthy foods. For example, parents and children can work together to raise obesity awareness in a fun way by drawing sad, ugly, or fat face emojis on fast foods like hamburgers and smiling, beautiful, good-looking, or skinny face emojis on vegetables and fruits.
  • Healthy food images and posters can be used to decorate the child’s room and furnishings.

Question 3. Which food and food group is the toy in the image ?

A) Onion, fruit
B) Onion, vegetable
C) Bean, fruit
D) Bean, vegetable
  • Children in the younger age group can be bought toys related to healthy eating and explain what these toy foods are and their nutritional benefits.
  • To attract children’s attention and make them eat these healthy foods, interesting drawings can be made and presented to children outside of the healthy foods, and unpleasant pictures can be drawn to discourage them from eating unhealthy foods.
  • Families can join together as a school-parents association at school and eat healthy foods with their children and teachers one day a week under the motto ‘’Eat Healthy, Live Healthy’’.
  • In schools (during breaks or freelance classes ) or at home, children can watch the animation ‘’The Organs that Speak for Health’’ with their parents or teachers, which is also being developed as part of the project.